We are dedicated to find optimal solutions. We work hard on long-term certified maintenance. We keep up our innovative edge to optimize our future and existing installations.

Research Maintenance Sustainability

  • Research
  • Evolution

    Our engineer team is constantly tracking the evolution of new and reliable technologies for:
    - Photovoltaic solar panels
    - Thermic panels
    - Water collection, storage and filtration
  • Independance

    Our independent approach is key. It allows us to find a large variety of products and brands, building quality systems for optimal results and minimal costs.
  • Maintenance
  • Support

    We believe maintenance is key to your satisfaction. Our maintenance is certified and we improve it every year, providing constant and long-term support for your installation.
  • Controls

    Details make the difference, that's why we plan preventive maintenance and regular controls of your installation to optimize the efficiency at a minimal cost.
  • Sustainability
  • Budget

    Within a few months of installation, you will drastically lower your electricity bill. You will no longer be exposed to rising energy costs. Instead you will be will be harnessing the free power of the sun.
  • Safety

    The day after a hurricane or drastic climate change you still have electricity and water. Never being dependant on the grid again.
  • Accomplishment

    You will have a deep feeling of accomplishment in regard to respecting our planet. It's a way of living that you are proud to share with your friends and family. Creating a legacy of sustainability for future generations.

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Custom Installations

Customised Systems

Our engineers design exclusive and innovative solutions to fulfill your needs in accordance with your specific environment. More info...
Modular Approach

Modular Approach

Implement one solution at a time. Thermic panels to take care of your hot water needs, a filtration system to purify collected water, finally a solar panel system to reach total autonomy.
Hot Water


Durable, 24h Maintenance

We focus on a reliable maintenance plan, providing certified and regular support on your installation.
Maintenance cycle
Rain and Nature
Solar Energy At Night
Solar Panels
Rain Collection