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Our mission: energy and water available for everyone!

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  • Story
  • The birth of Liight

    The idea of Liight came up while building our own autonomous cabana in a remote Mediterranean paradise. We went through many trials and errors to gain complete energy and water autonomy, but the result gave us such a strong satisfaction that we felt the urge to share.
    After many days and weeks of dedicated thinking and work, Liight became a reality.

    We try to stay humble; we know it's the beginning of a new era, for you and for us. Let's create a sustainable future together!
  • Team
  • Engineers

    Our engineers based in Switzerland have master degrees and experience in the field. They have faced the reality of the real world in Switzerland and international companies.
  • Managers

    Managers from various countries (India, Europe, Carribean, Africa) are skilled to communicate, detail oriented, result driven, and like to convey positive ethics. They are qualified with at least a master degree and have extensive experience.
  • Technicians

    Technicians are picked to provide the best results in the field, focus on details, and establish a long term client relationship and satisfaction. They have a strong common sense from their experiences, and a bachelor degree level.
  • Swiss
  • Quality

    Our culture of the quality comes from the watch industry. We know precision and accuracy matters at every level of the decision making, production and service.

    Everyday we dedicate resources and efforts to supervise and optimize our process from your order to the installation.

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Custom Installations

Customised Systems

Our engineers design exclusive and innovative solutions to fulfill your needs in accordance with your specific environment. More info...
Modular Approach

Modular Approach

Implement one solution at a time. Thermic panels to take care of your hot water needs, a filtration system to purify collected water, finally a solar panel system to reach total autonomy.
Hot Water


Durable, 24h Maintenance

We focus on a reliable maintenance plan, providing certified and regular support on your installation.
Maintenance cycle
Rain and Nature
Solar Energy At Night
Solar Panels
Rain Collection